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Optimize through real-time insights and collaboration with your accountant

With Banqup you optimize your financial administration. Never process a document twice again; send to your accountant, pay and archive in 1 solution.Thanks to digitalization you get real-time insights.

Dashboard of Banqup optimisation

Work with your accountant

Check all your purchase and sales invoices.
All documents are shared digitally with the accounting office, so your accountant can process all documents quickly and efficiently.

Say goodbye to paperwork. Work truly digital.

Your accountant always has an accurate overview of your situation. And can assist you with the right advice.

Share bank statements with your accountant.

Your accountant receives everything without you having to go out the door.

Avoid stress around the VAT period.

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Dashboard of Banqup's cash flow and insights
Understanding your cash flow

Stay informed and optimize thanks to real-time insights

Process all your invoices in Banqup and get real-time insight into your cash flow. Because you share it with your accountant, both he and you get an up-to-date view of your cash flow.

Stay informed

Keep an overview and make choices that can optimize your cash flow.

Always pay invoices immediately

Do you also often have to wait for payments from your customers? Receive every payment within 24 hours with Invoice Finance.

Work together

Invite customers and suppliers to use Banqup

Send e-invoices directly through the platform.

No hassle with email and mail.

Invite your customers and suppliers and work together on the same platform.

Receive supplier invoices digitally directly in your Banqup account, in 1 place via 1 channel.

Work internationally, even if you want to buy and sell abroad, Banqup is the right solution.

Overview of banks Banqup collaborates with

Frequently asked questions

What did other users wonder?

How to activate the Banqup-Peppol solution

Contact us if you would like the link between Banqup and Peppol. We will take care of this for you.

If Peppol is not mandatory for my business, why should I consider using it?

Even if not mandatory, adopting Peppol can offer numerous benefits like standardized communication, streamlined electronic document exchange, increased efficiency, and potentially faster payments.

Is the adoption of Peppol mandatory for businesses?

No, Peppol adoption is not universally mandatory for all businesses. However, some governments and public sector organizations have made it a requirement for their suppliers.

In Luxembourg, all public sector organizations are required to have the capability to receive electronic invoices through the Peppol network

Is a Peppol ID necessary to join the Peppol network?

Yes, having a Peppol participant ID is mandatory for all members (receives) of the Peppol network. It's not possible to join or participate in the network without one.

For instance, within Banqup, when you input a customer's VAT (Value Added Tax) number or their matricule number, the system automatically identifies the Open Peppol channel. This allows transactions to be seamlessly transmitted through Open Peppol.

What is a Peppol ID

A Peppol ID is a unique address used by companies, organizations, and authorities to receive business messages, like e-invoices, on the Peppol network. It's similar to a phone number in a mobile network, serving as a distinct identifier for each entity on the Peppol network.

The Peppol ID in Luxembourg is the VAT number or matricule number.

More information about finding the Peppol ID can be found at this website.

What is Open Peppol?

Open Peppol is an international association of members of the Peppol network.

The association maintains, develops and programs Peppol services. These services include the network itself, Peppol access points and Peppol users. The association works for Europe and all global Peppol users. As a member of Open Peppol, our software, Banqup, offers free certified access to the Peppol network.

If you would like to become a member of Open Peppol, please contact us: luxembourg@unifiedpost.com.

How can I connect to the Peppol network?

To connect to the Peppol network, you need to connect to a Peppol Access Point, like Unifiedpost, the mother company of Banqup. You can find a list of certified access points on the official Peppol website here.

Once you connect to a Peppol Access Point, your organization will be provided with a Peppol ID. This ID connects your organization to the European Peppol network. With a Peppol ID, you can start invoicing any other company connected to the Peppol network electronically

How does Peppol work?

Peppol operates through certified access points which serve as bridges for electronic documents' exchange, providing a secure environment where data is verified, validated, and exchanged.

Unifiedpost, Banqup's parent company, is a certified Peppol access point.

Do I need prior knowledge of other software programs to use Banqup?

Not at all! Banqup is a user-friendly platform that allows anyone to easily receive, send and archive invoices.

How can I create a Banqup account?

You can sign up for Banqup any time of the day. Go to the login page of the Banqup platform and click on "Not a customer yet?". You will be asked to enter your email address, after which you will receive an email with some instructions. Fill in the necessary personal/business information and after the validation, you can start using Banqup.


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