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Compliant with e-invoicing
ready for the future in the digital age

The smartest way to receive, process and pay incoming invoices, generate and send outgoing invoices, get paid and maintain a complete overview.

Cobweb of Crossnet connected with Banqup components
Smart invoicing

Upcoming requirement

The biggest driving force behind e-invoicing is the government. You, as an accountant, are best positioned to guide your clients to be compliant.

With Banqup, you, as an accountant, have a tool in your hands that relieves both you and your client of the burden of sending, receiving and booking e-invoices

E-invoicing becomes the mandatory standard in terms of invoicing

More efficient processes & better compliance: E-invoicing creates more efficient and transparent processes when processing invoices

Lower costs: Switching to E-Invoicing reduces 60 to 80% of your processing costs per invoice

Full transparency and faster booking: Automated processing of incoming e-invoices ensures full transparency and faster booking of invoices

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Cobweb of Crossnet connected with Banqup components

Secure exchange of documents

With our digital mailbox, app with scanning function and drag and drop function on your computer, you convert all your (non-digital) documents, invoices and receipts into a digital format brought together in Banqup.


Thanks to our 2 factor authentication, you login securely to Banqup.

Banqup ID

Banqup ID allows you to validate payments.

Networks - Crossnet

With strong KYC, you are sure who you send your invoices to and who you receive invoices from.


All documents are securely stored in our digital archive.

COMING SOON - Payments

Offer payment solutions

The smartest way to receive, process and pay incoming invoices, generate and send outgoing invoices, get paid and maintain a complete overview.

Integrate payments into your process
Popular feature
Through the Banqup Business Wallet, you introduce the entire payment process to your customer and into your accounting system.
Invoices with smartphone using Banqup Terminal
Have your customers open an IBAN account
Your customers can open their own Banqup Business Account to pay invoices and get invoices paid from Banqup.
Your customer can have the CODA files from his Banqup Business Account as well as from his linked external bank accounts, automatically forwarded to your accounting package.
Banqup terminal
With the Banqup Terminal, linked to the Banqup Business Wallet, your customer can receive payments immediately and anywhere.
Coming soon
Receive a notification when you are missing an invoice. Or when you haven't received a payment yet.

Frequently asked questions

What did other users wonder?

Is a PDF an electronic invoice?

No, a PDF is not an electronic invoice, but thanks to our OCR, we can convert your PDF invoices into electronic invoices.

What is the Crossnet network?

The Crossnet network includes all companies that use Billtobox, Banqup or another Unifiedpost service to send electronic invoices, as well as other networks or platforms such as Peppol.

What is Peppol?

It is a secure international network that allows your company to exchange electronic documents (invoices, etc.) with all users registered on the Peppol network.

For that, you need a Peppol access point such as Banqup.

How is an electronic invoice processed in the accounting software?

Banqup sends the XML to the folder of your choice.  

All data is pre-processed in your accounting software (suppliers, date, etc.), all you have to do is a last check and book the invoices.

How do I manage my clients' accounts?

As an accountant, you get access to the Banqup Console that allows you to centralize and manage all your customers.

Can I get help for my clients?

We offer several options for your customers (Webinars, tutorials, video training...) to simplify their transition to Banqup.

Can I invite my colleagues to use the Banqup Console?

Yes, you can invite all your employees to use the Banqup console. They will be able to log in through their own access and manage their customers' records.

Can I send electronic invoices to my customers?

By using Banqup to create/send your invoices, you can send your customers electronic invoices directly to their Banqup account.


Trusted by +1.350 accounting firms in BeNeLux

Support all your clients, SME's or Corporates, in all sectors. Banqup will make their administration much easier, and also help you processing the invoices much quicker.

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"The advantage of Banqup is that you can easily convert any paid invoice into digital data."
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Allan Darquenne

Owner of Bureau Comptable Darquenne

Secure payments

Security is our priority

Banqup meets the strict requirements of the National Bank of Belgium for offering payment services.

To make electronic payments secure, Unifiedpost uses the same security measures that apply to banks.

Acknowledged by

Acknowledged by National Bank of Belgium

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