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Split invoices, how do I do it?

August 22, 2022
minutes of reading

When you scan multiple invoices at once, the result is usually one grouped PDF. You can manually upload this file to the Banqup platform and then split it into separate invoices before it is read by our OCR software and placed in the appropriate folder.

Here's how it works:

1. From the 'Incoming' menu, click the 'Multiple documents in 1 file' button.

2. Choose how you want to split the document:

  • Per page (1 page = 1 invoice)
  • Per 2 pages (2 pages = 1 invoice)
  • Manual selection
    Choose the pages that make up the same invoice by clicking on them

3. View the result by clicking "Create New Document.

4. Confirm the splitting via the "Save" button. The documents are now processed as separate documents.

With the "Continue without splitting" button, you can import the document as one invoice.

Note: importing a purchase invoice as a PDF file (containing several invoices) via e-mail is also still possible. This document will as usual be processed immediately by the OCR. After the mechanical OCR, you can split the document and have the split documents processed again by the OCR.

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